Immigrants' Rights


My name is Bella.
I'm 12 years old and I'm doing this website about Black Lives Matter and Immigrants' Rights.

Many people talk about this topic but this will be from a kid's point of view. Many kids have had to go through many challenges. I had to go through many challenges because of where I live. There have been many problems, for example people getting killed by the police and being assaulted. There is also a school near where I live and some of he students are afraid of walking down the street when there are police, because they are afraid of being shot at.

There are new people moving into my neighborhood and when they see a black man or woman they think that he/she will be doing something illegal. The new neighbors would call the police when they were scared. I would want my new neighbors to understand that black men and women aren't bad people and that they have a right to walk down the street without being shot at, and that many of them have families and kids that they have to take care of.

My friends and I talk about this when we are at school and we start talking about how it has been affecting them and their families. Many of my friends/classmates say that where they live is also like my neighborhood but theirs is either worse or better than mine. We have many of these talks when I'm at school, for example we talk about this at lunch, in the morning, break, and before we all leave to go home.